• The third democratic debate was held on Saturday. The GroundTruth Project's Charlie Sennott was in the studio to talk about the debate and the global impact of the refugee crisis. 
  • Professor of Political Science at UMass Boston Erin O’Brien and WGBH’s political reporter Adam Reilly joined us to discuss Saturday's debate and local politics. 
  • According to Pulitzer Prize winner Jon Meacham, George H.W. Bush's presidency marked the end of an era. A demarcation from the lineage of FDR and every president from Clinton on. Meacham's new biography on George H.W. Bush, Destiny and Power, purports to show the 41st president's legacy.
  • Steve Harvey made one of the greatest blunders in T.V. history over the weekend when he accidently announced the runner up of the Miss Universe pageant as the winner. Harvey corrected the mistake, causing the runner up to relinquish her crown and bouquet to the actual winner. We opened the the lines to hear if you own up to your mistakes like Steve Harvey did?
  • Founding director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture Bob Thompson called in to discuss Saturday's debates and Steve Harvey's gaffe. 
  • Boston Globe investigative sports reporter Shira Springer  joined us to discuss Tom Brady and potentially changing how close fans are able to sit to the athletes. 
  • Jim and Margery took your calls to get your opinion on holiday tipping.