• Sal DiMasi’s wife Debbie DiMasi is asking for his release from prison after serving nearly five years of his eight-year sentence. DiMasi would not be let go because of good behavior, but because he has tongue and prostrate cancer. DiMasi’s case brings up the larger questions of should non-violent terminally ill inmates be released from prison. We went to the phones to hear what you think?
  • It turns out that the taste from skittles does not come the flavoring, but from the smell. Innovation Hubs Kara Miller joined us in the studio to teach us about how taste really works.
  • Former Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral joined us to discuss Justice Scalia’s comments on black students.
  • Author and Environmentalist Bill McKibben called in from Paris to discuss the final days of the COP21 climate change conference.
  • 141 Boston College students now have the symptoms of the norovirus after eating at the Chipotle in Cleveland Circle. Senior editor at The Atlantic Corby Kummer called in to discuss this fast casual debacle.
  • We went to the phones to hear if you approve of re-gifting or if you think it is a holiday faux pas.
  • Michael Patrick MacDonald and Tina Chery joined us in the studio to discuss the LBD Peace Institute and their survivor writing project.