The Ghouls and ghosts that will be roaming the street on Halloween Saturday night may be make believe, but there are real dangers for trick-or-treaters and parents to be weary of.

Beyond the normal concerns of unwrapped candy and unlit houses, parents should make sure their kids are being careful crossing the street.

"There's two to three times greater incidences of kids  getting hit buy cars on Halloween," said the host of the Security Mom podcast Juliette Kayyem on Boston Public Radio Wednesday. 

"Crosswalks are there for a reason. That is the only advice I tell people to give their kids on Halloween night. Don't jay walk," said Kayyem

Kayyem recommended that children also wear reflecting tape and glow sticks to stay visible. "The kids start out and a lot of them are in black and they get hit by cars," she said.

Listen to our interview with the Security Mom  host Juliette Kayyem above.