A University of Cincinnati officer who was charged in the murder of an unarmed black man during a routine traffic stop has pleaded not guilty.

Officer Ray Tensing was escorted into a Hamilton County courthouse on Thursday handcuffed and in a prison uniform.

Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Megan Shanahan said because Tensing is facing a potential life-in-prison sentence, she was setting his bail at $1 million.

People in the courtroom erupted into applause when Shanahan announced her decision, but she chastised them, reminding them they were in a courtroom and they should behave appropriately.

As we reported, video footage shows Tensing shooting and killing Sam DuBose after he stopped him for a missing front license plate. In an incident report, Tensing says he opened fire because DuBose almost ran him over with his car. The footage, however, seems to tell a different story: It shows Tensing firing almost immediately after DuBose's car appears to start moving.

Tana Weingartner, of NPR member station WVXU, tells us that Tensing will be able make his bond by putting up collateral, like his home.

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