It started with a joke: On Facebook, Adam Armstrong listed his name as Adam West, the actor who played Batman in the 1960s. But then his girlfriend's stepfather bought him a plane ticket with the West name on it — and the airline wanted $336 to change it.

Adam, who lives in Manchester, England, is 19 — and he really wanted to go on this trip to the resort island of Ibiza. So he simply became Adam West. It was cheaper to change his name and get a new passport than to pay airline Ryanair's fees.

"He changed his name by deed poll for free," ITV reports, "then rushed through a new passport costing £103." (Under today's exchange rate, that's around $157.)

The price for changing the name on Adam's ticket would have been particularly steep because it shared the same booking as Adam's girlfriend — triggering Ryanair to double its normal fee to change a ticket, to £220 ($336).

When we checked out Adam's Facebook page, he was still calling himself Adam West (although the URL reflects his previous legal name).

Ryanair says it has a 24-hour grace period for correcting booking errors, and that its fees are meant to keep people from reselling the budget airline's tickets at a profit.

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