• We're still talking about 'deflategate." Today we get your take on Brady's sentence, and see what you think about his possible appeal.
  • Pulitzer Prize winner, David Hoffman joins us to talk about tonight's FRONTLINE premier about our broken food safety system, and why the government won't step in to protect consumers. [32:13]
  • United Independent Party founder, Evan Falchuk, stops by to update us on his ballot question for 2024, and share more of his concerns about the games. WGBH reporter Anne Mostue calls in with her questions, and we take yours. >>Read more here. [53:15]
  • In advance of tomorrow's closing argument in the sentencing phase of the Tsarnaev trial, WGBH News' Adam Reillyjoins to share his experience in the courtroom. [1:21:43]
  • Nancy Koehn discusses a recent New York Timesexposé  on the incredible heath hazards of nail salons. Then we see what you think? >>Read more here. [1;47:40]
  • Actor and playwright Eric Bogosian joins us to discuss his new book about a Boston- area secret from World War I, Operation Nemesis. >>Read more here. OR >>Download his podcast. [2:20:05]