Massachusetts lawmakers expect the legislature to undo cuts proposed by Governor Charlie Baker to the 16 regional councils that advertise local tourist attractions.

This is the second time in several days that the Democratically controlled legislature has shown signs of resistance to the Republican Governor's plans to balance the state budget, which is out of whack to the tune of $1 billion.

Last week the state Senate expressed reservations about plans to offer early buyouts.

As for tourism, Baker wanted to lower the funding from $5 million to $500,000. House Speaker Bob Deleo says he’s been hearing from tourism officials all around the state.

“Numerous letters, emails, whatever," said DeLeo. "They were very displeased with the funding.”

Senator Eric Lesser co-chairs the legislature's tourism committee: “In the Senate, there’s really not a lot of appetite for cuts as drastic as what the governor proposed. Tourism is the third largest industry in Massachusetts in terms of employment. It deserves respect.”

A spokesperson says Baker is concerned about the way tourism dollars are handed out. He’s says there’s no accountability or performance metrics attached to the funds.