• A new poll shows that two thirds of Americans support boots on the ground in the fight against ISIS. We see where you are on the issue.
  • WCVB's Randy Price, owner of Westminster's "Best in Show of the Opposite Sex" indulges Jim and Margery's love for dog shows, and takes us behind the scenes.
  • Then we host our monthly "Ask the Governor" with Governor Charlie Baker. He takes our questions (and yours) on everything from taxes, to schools, to snow. >> Read more hereor >>Download our podcast.
  • The we check in with you about ice dams. Are you battling flooding, or did you invest in proper insulation?
  • Rebecca Cline, Berklee professor of music, facilitates a music winter getaway featuring sound from the beaches of Cuba, and the streets of Brazil.
  • Then Jonathon Alsop warms us up with "Weed Wine" and BYOB in Boston Restaurants. >>Read more here.