• Andrea Cabral, Deval Patrick's Secretary of Public Safety sits down to talk to us about why she chose not to run for mayor, and what's up next for her.
  • Within 24 hours of each other, NBC suspended Brian Williams and Comedy Central announced John Stewart's resignation for the Daily show. We dive in to nightly news with you, to get your take on this shakeup. [25:29]
  • Juliette Kayyem gives your her take on Brian Williams, circles back for another Olympics update, the she discusses the film American Sniper, and PTSD for war veterans. [53:07]
  • Congressman Joe Kennedyshares his thoughts on the upcoming ISIS votes, the moves to declassify 9/11 documents, and justice for DJ Henry. [1:17:36]
  • Sue O’Connellclarifies what exactly is going on in Alabama vis-à-vis the ban on gay marriage being lifted, and shares who she's hired for Bay Window's new "Olympics Correspondent." [1:41:45]
  • It's been at least an hour since we talked about John Stewart and Brian Williams. We get back to your calls. [2:02:07]
  • And then Globe editor, Brian McGrorychecks in with his thoughts on John Stewart's role in shaping the news conversation over the last two decades. [2:20:55]