• Amid a tremendous surge of support for Charlie Hebdo, many media organizations are facing a decision to publish the new cover, despite its offensive nature. We ask you what you think 
  • Brian McGroryshares why the Globe chose not to publish some of the original cartoons, but did featurea picture of Gerard Briard, editor in chief of French satirical weekly, holding a copy of the magazine. He also discusses Romney's potential 2016 run.
  • Juliette Kayyemweighs in  on security concerns and costs if Olympics come to Boston, discusses France's security response to last weeks attacks, and explains how our own department of homeland security fits into everything. >> Read more here.
  • Art Caplan discusses Connecticut Supreme Court ruling that a 17-year old cancer patient must continue chemotherapy against her will, embryonic adoption, "Psyfeld," and whether insurers won't cover anti-obesity drug. Then we see what you think about the obesity epidemic. >> Read more here.
  • Sue O'Connell, fresh off her nomination as one of Boston Spirit's Top 25 Most Influential LGBT people in New England, discusses what Transparent's performance means for the Golden Globes.
  • GarenDaly stops by for our "Classic Film Challenge." We ask you does 2001 A Space Odyssey still hold up? >> Read more here.