• Does Charlie Baker have a "sweetheart" problem or do we have a double standard problem? We check in with you to see what you think.
  • WGBH News' Science Editor Heather Goldstone gives us her analysis of the UN Summit on Climate Change. [33:55]
  • Eric Schwarz, Founding CEO of Citizen Schools discusses bridging the achievement gap in Boston and his latest book, The Opportunity Equation. [53:10]
  • Harvard Business School Behavioral Economist, Michael Norton, stops by with some insight into how we make important decisions, how to find a balance between thinking too little and too much. We talk to you, to see what you think. [1:17:30]
  • Boston Globe Columnist Alex Beam joins Jim and Margery for open mic . He gives us his take on Ray Donovan, AMAC (an alternative to the AARP), and Climate Change deniers. [2:02:35] 
  • Kara Miller, host of WGBH's Innovation Hub talks millennials— What is their contribution? Are they transforming our culture, or building something new? Could their influence ultimately outdo the boomers ? [2:25:40]