Update at 3:36 p.m ET

Israeli police clashed Friday with Palestinians in East Jerusalem, as Palestinians buried an Arab teenager theysay was killed by Israeli extremists.

Protesters threw rocks at police who responded with stun grenades, The Associated Press reports. About 30 Palestinians and 13 Israeli officers were injured in the clashes.

Earlier, Daniel Estrin, who is reporting on the story for our Newscast unit, had the background on the story:

"The 16-year-old boy was seized from his home Wednesday in East Jerusalem and his burned body was later found in a forest. Israeli leaders condemned the killing. Police are still investigating, but Palestinians say Israeli extremists killed him. Tensions are high following the recent kidnapping and killing of three Israeli teens."

Meanwhile, there were more rockets and mortars fired from the Gaza Strip toward Israel, and Israel carried out airstrikes on targets inside Gaza.

A 2-year-old cease-fire between Hamas, which runs Gaza, and Israel ended after the three abducted Israeli teens were found dead. Israel blames Hamas for their killings. Israel has also deployed troops along the border with Gaza.

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