The Chicago-based Boeing Co. announced a stunning haul at the Dubai Airshow on Sunday: Emirates, Qatar Airways, Eithad Airways, Lufthansa and Qatar bought 259 of its new 777 aircraft.

Based on list prices, the agreements are worth more than $95 billion.

Reuters reports:

"The revamped 777 marks a new front in the battle between the two aircraft manufacturers that dominate the civil aviation industry. Boeing's new plane is aimed at heading off competition from the largest version of Airbus's A350 in the mini-jumbo market that drives growth and connectivity between continents. ..."With Boeing also agreeing deals for 30 of its 787 Dreamliners with Etihad and for over 100 of its 737 planes with budget carrier flydubai, the U.S. manufacturer looked on course to defeat Airbus in the battle for orders at the Dubai show."However, as well as the order from Emirates, Airbus announced a deal for 87 aircraft with Etihad which, including options for 30 more, could be worth $26.9 billion."

Still Boeing is heralding this as a record-breaking order — "the largest product launch in commercial jetliner history by dollar value."

The Wall Street Journal reports Boeing is expected to deliver the 777x aircraft before the end of the decade.

The 777x is more fuel efficient than its predecessor in part because of its carbon-fiber wings.

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