Good morning.

Our early headlines:

-- "As French Claim Gains In Mali, Islamists Vow To Strike Back."

-- "'Biggest Gathering On Earth' Begins In India; Kumbh Mela May Draw 100 Million."

Other stories in the news:

-- "Biden To Meet With House Democrats On Guns;" Task Force Recommendations Due This Week. (Politico)

-- "Critics Decry Looser Rules For Inauguration Fundraising." (It's All Politics)

-- "Syrian Conflict Causing 'Staggering' Humanitarian Crisis." (BBC News)

-- "Syrian Rebels Work To Get The Upper Hand In Aleppo." (Morning Edition)

-- "Aaron Swartz's Suicide Prompts MIT Soul Searching." (Time)

-- " 'Argo,' 'Les Miserables' Win Best-Picture Awards At Golden Globes." (The Associated Press)

-- "Robin Roberts To Return To 'Good Morning America' " Within Weeks; Has Been Away While Being Treated For Rare Blood Disorder. (ABC News)

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