Whether it’s the iPhone 5, the Lumia 920 or the Droid Razr M, big companies are wrestling with BYOD — that’s “Bring Your Own Device” to work. Now a Boston startup called Apperian is banking on helping businesses secure their apps and corporate data in this brave new world. 

Apperian started in 2009 and competes with software firms like AirWatch, MobileIron and Sybase. One thing’s for sure: with new devices and software coming out almost every week, the enterprise mobile market is sure to get even bigger.

In other innovation news …

U.S. chief technology officer Todd Park tells Xconomy he’s working on five new startup projects within the government. These include electronic payments for federal aid and open health care data initiatives. Park, the co-founder of Athenahealth, has been on the job since March.

Our deal of the week is a $17 million venture funding round for iWalk, an MIT startup developing a prosthetic foot and ankle for amputees. The company has now raised more than $50 million for its robotic technology.

And speaking of robotics, what’s next for iRobot? The Bedford company is famous for its military PackBots and Roomba vacuum cleaners, but it finds itself at a crossroads. The 22-year-old public firm is looking to reinvent itself with new products, including a health care robot that can be controlled with an iPad. Just like a lot of humans I know.