A federal court in Austin, Texas has dismissed a lawsuit filed by cyclist Lance Armstrong that sought to stop a doping hearing by the United States Anti-Doping Agency.

The AP reports:

"Armstrong has repeatedly denied doping. His lawsuit claimed USADA lacked jurisdiction and that its arbitration process violates his constitutional rights."U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks dismissed the lawsuit, allowing the case to proceed. Armstrong can appeal in federal court, go ahead with USADA's arbitration or accept its sanctions."

If Armstrong is found guilty of doping, he could lose all seven Tour de France titles.

If you remember, Sparks threw out an earlier version of this suit, because he said it made a public relations case instead of a legal one.

Armstrong refiled and today Sparks said that while "there are troubling aspects" in this case, he is forced to side with the USADA.

"The court concludes Armstrong agreed to arbitrate with USADA and its arbitration rules are sufficient, if applied reasonably, to satisfy due process," Sparks wrote in his decision.

The USADA's Chief Executive Travis T. Tygart said it was "pleased" with the court's decision.

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