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Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his fellow Republicans report raising more than $76 million last month, topping the $60 million collected by President Obama and the Democratic Party.

The Associated Press points out that "it's the first month that the former Massachusetts governor has collected more money than Obama, who is known for his fundraising prowess."

Also, AP says, "the latest figure represents a significant jump in fundraising by Romney. He and the Republicans brought in $40 million in April, just short of the $43.6 million Obama and Democrats raised that month."

Politico's Burns & Haberman blog says that:

"Democrats have long expected that Romney would close the financial gap after winning his party's nomination, but the speed with which he has done it has been impressive — and, to some Obama allies, alarming, especially considering how much air support he'll be getting from deep-pocketed outside groups."

The Hill notes that "despite a hard push — enlisting the help of celebrities like George Clooney and Sarah Jessica Parker — the president was still outpaced by his Republican rival."

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