The Political Junkie
Rick Santorum ended his presidential campaign yesterday in his home state of Pennsylvania. It clears the way for Mitt Romney to capture the nomination, though many conservatives have yet to rally around the former Massachusetts governor. The Romney campaign now shifts into the general campaign, with a focus on President Obama, while looking for ways to maintain momentum until he officially seals the nomination. Political Junkie Ken Rudin and host Neal Conan will speak with a former Republican presidential campaign strategist about how to keep your candidate's name in the news during this lull period. The two will also recap the week in politics, from weaker than expected jobs numbers to the resurgence of the tax debate.

The Fate Of The Penny
It's time to kill the penny. That's what Daniel Akst argues in a recent op-ed on "Pennies," he writes, "are a pain in the neck, only more so because they're worthless." While the penny isn't quite worthless, it does cost more than two cents to create each one. The Canadian government last month decided to stop making pennies altogether. Prices will soon by rounded to the nearest five cents. Host Neal Conan talks with Akst about why he believes it's time to kill the U.S. penny, and his argument that it symbolizes a greater inability to make even the most minimal changes.

What's Your Tax Time Nightmare?
We know we should do them earlier. The mid-April deadline comes around every year. Still, with six days left before taxes are due, many people continue to put off filing. The boxes of receipts, stacks of W-2s and 1099s are daunting enough. Add in row after row of fill-in boxes on the 1040 form, and it's no wonder so many people procrastinate. Host Neal Conan talks with a psychologist and a tax expert, as well as with callers, about why so many people wait until the last minute to do their taxes, and the lessons they've learned over years of filing.

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