Here's how we'll be following the Supreme Court's three days of oral arguments about the President Obama's health care overhaul law, which as we've previously noted begin today.

As we always try to do when major stories are developing, we'll watch for key moments and pass along the news as soon as possible.

The bulk of NPR.org's blogging, though, will be over at Shots, which this morning is leading with a look at "4 Questions That Could Make Or Break The Health Care Law."

An ever-expanding view of NPR's coverage of the issue, the stories and related materials are all collected here. There will also be, of course, substantial coverage on Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

As NPR's Sonari Glinton reported on Morning Edition, people have been lining up since Friday to be inside the court during today's session. SCOTUSblog has some early Monday morning photos of the scene posted here.

Some other resources:

-- SCOTUSblog's "health care resource page," which includes "briefs and documents, argument previews and other archived coverage."

-- The Washington Post's "health care reform and the Supreme Court" webpage.

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