Top Spins are the tracks with the most exposure on Jazz 24/7 from GBH on-line radio. New music is added weekly to the Jazz 24/7 playlist curated by Tessil Collins. These selections represent the albums and artists who received the most spins last week.

Click the name links to explore the musicians' websites and learn more about their music and upcoming appearances.

  1. Nite Bjuti - Nite Bjuti
  2. Lenora Zenzalai Helm & Tribe Jazz Orchestra Nonet - Journeywoman
  3. Harold Lopez-Nusa - Timba a la Americana
  4. Steve Carrington - Friends R Family
  5. Mike Jones, Jeff Hamilton, Penn Jillette - Are You Sure You Three Guys Know What You're Doing
  6. Israel Tanenbaum - Impressions
  7. Orrin Evans - The Red Door
  8. Alfredo Rodriquez - Coral Way
  9. Buddy Rich - Buddy Rich Trios
  10. Antonio Adolfo - Bossa 65 Celebrating Carlos Lyra and Roberto Menescal
  11. Don Braden - Earth, Wind and Wonder vol 2
  12. Sammy Figueroa - Busco Tu Recuerdo
  13. Gerry Gibbs Thrasher People - Family
  14. Oscar Peñas - Chicken or Pasta
  15. Allan Harris - Live at Blue Llama

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