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While A Celtic Sojourn generally explores the roots and branches of Celtic music, my voracious appetite for music has me open to many different genres. I am excited about what I am constantly discovering and re-visiting. The stunning level of talent and sense of pure artistic adventure these days is unprecedented in my years as a music fanatic. And so I will share my excitement on A Celtic Sojourn each week. The segment will give some background and context and include at least two tracks from the artist featured.

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Míde Houlihan

August 7th, 2021

Mide Houlihan
Singer-Songwriter from Clonakilty, County Cork
Brid O'Donovan Mide Houlihan

Mide Houlihan
A rising Singer-Songwriter from West Cork

Míde Houlihan is from Clonakilty (my home town) in West Cork. She is a singer-songwriter and rising star. She won the 'Christie Hennessy Songwriting Award' in 2015, highlighting her as one of Ireland's brightest prospects. (Christy Hennessy was a terrific songwriter from Tralee, Co. Kerry who died in 2007.) Recently, she is in demand at many re-emerging music festivals in Ireland and has begun to write collaboratively with well-established artists like Mick Flannery. In this segment, we sample two tracks from her debut album, Coloured In..