Our first installment of this playlist theme was broadcast back on May 19th. The pandemic was well established and we were already a few months into lockdown. I thought it was I time "to put together some music that might quicken your pulse rate, raise your mood, and maybe cause some physical movement, like toe-tapping, hand-clapping, even dancing!"

Well, that playlist was so popular that I was determined to add a second and possibily a third collection along the same lines. So here is Kick-Ass Celtic, Part Two.

So much has happened in the last 50 years to take what was a sleepy set of ethnic traditional music into the mainstream by incorporating elements of rock, jazz, bluegrass, and country. We can't be together right now to celebrate the power of this music, or the uplifting nature of it on each other, but we can bring it to you here in a playlist specially created for our WGBH audience.

As I said when we started, be sure to crank the volume, roll down the windows, dance to it, and please share. The energy from this kick-ass Celtic playlist should be spread far and near.

The details are below. Again, if you like something, please go to the artists' websites and tell them so. And while you are there, maybe buy a CD or merchandise if they have it, or tell them you'll come and see them in concert when they are coming to your area. More than ever, artists need support. We love to hear from you, celtic@wgbh.org.