More than two decades into his career, Rufus Wainwright is still keeping busy. The Canadian American musician wrote a musical that opened a couple months ago in London’s West End, and he's premiering an original musical piece called “Dream Requiem” in Paris next month.

“So what that means is that in the end, I have to go out and actually make some money,” Wainwright joked on Boston Public Radio on Monday.

The Grammy-nominated songwriter has two shows at the Boston City Winery on May 24.

“I have to go out alone … just play for the village,” he said.

The City Winery performances include a combination of material from his 2023 folk album “Folkocracy” and some material that he works on the day of the show.

“We absorb the shock of the day together,” he said.

Wainwright said “for better or for worse” he’s always processed his emotions through music, using the art form to tackle depression or feeling low. Making a song out of every experience can be exhausting, he said, so he’s learning how to rest more.

“Folkocracy” is not all folk music, but it’s recorded in a pared-down, folk style. This means every take is live and there’s not a lot of prerecorded tracks layered together (what music producers call “overdub”), Wainwright said.

“There has to be a sort of simplicity and beauty in there,” he added.

The recorded album is packed with featured artists, including David Byrne, Brandi Carlile, Chaka Khan, John Legend and others.

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