Boston rapper and MC Red Shaydez released her album, Feel the Aura, in July 2020. On it is the song “From Bahamas to Atlanta,” featuring fellow Boston rap powerhouse Oompa — and I can’t stop listening to it.

In an interview on HOT 96.9’s “Voices with Pebbles,” Shaydez said of the song, “We had fun doing that, and there’s a lot of tracks on there that you could visualize, like you could close your eyes and listen to it and see what we’re talking about, and that’s one of them.”

When I close my eyes, I imagine myself lying on the beach, a drink in hand, sipping it in slow motion. The flawless and sultry flow delivered by the two artists in "From the Bahamas to Atlanta" makes it the perfect tune to help keep the summer here for as long as I can.

Feel the Aura, recorded in its entirety pre-pandemic, is part of a trilogy of albums, following Red Shaydez’s 2016 debut album, Magnetic Aura, with the third installment still in production.

“I often like to experience a lot of life first before I do a new project, and I felt like the time was right,” Shaydez said of the new album in the HOT 96.9 interview. “And it’s just evident on the whole project — I’m having a lot of fun. I was able to be way more creative.”

Trust me, I'm having some (much needed!) fun listening to it, too.