We spoke with Louisville-based rock band White Reaper after their set at Boston Calling. Hunter Thompson and Sam Wilkerson shared thoughts about life on the road and their new single "Might Be Right."

This interview was conducted on May 25, 2019 by Tori Bedford for WGBH, at the Boston Calling Music Festival.

How's it going so far?

Thompson: So far Boston Calling has been good. It's been very fun. Very nice weather. Probably the best you can ask for in a festival situation.

Are you guys seeing any other acts? Any you're excited for?

Hunter: We've seen the band Shame. They're from London, they're really good.... We're going to see Lil Nas hopefully at some point today.

So you guys are touring right now. What are you working on? What's new for you?

Thompson: Yeah we recorded a record in January and then the first single comes out in two days. So that'll be great. And then we are going to do a little tour in June up in the Northeast and then we're gonna do another tour probably next fall… Nothing super long or super tough. We're just kind of gearing up for the next record to be released which is very exciting for all of us.

So when is that?

Thompson: I can't put a definite date on it but I can tell you the next single comes out in two days.

What's the vibe?

Thompson: It's a newer song — it's probably my favorite song on the new record. I love the chorus melody, I love the guitar parts, I love Sam's bass line. I just think that it fits together very well and builds very well. It's called "Might Be Right."

How do you guys feel like you've grown as a band?

Wilkerson: I know that in the earlier days we used to test our limits with alcohol a little more than we do now and that's one of the biggest ways I've personally grown. Otherwise we've grown as we've added Hunter here; the freshest member. We're touring a lot more. We've upgraded to a new label.

Did you feel like originally it was going to be more rock and roll lifestyle and that would be more sustainable?

Wilkerson: Yeah definitely we all started when we were like 18, 19 and we definitely realized that this is something we're going to be doing for a lot more years.

Thompson: Hopefully.

Wilkerson: So we definitely have to take care of ourselves and act as a unit.

Were you surprised by that at first, that it's like a real job?

Wilkerson: Yeah I didn't think that this was going become a real job until like a few maybe a year ago and then it did.

Thompson: So you do your first couple tours and it's so much fun that you just think it will perpetually be fun constantly but you really have to temper and manage the fun that you have so that it is all worth doing and enjoyable. So it's just kind of a race of maintaining your energy and trying to be smart about it so that the shows are fun.

It sounds like you guys have grown up a lot in this process. So is this new album sort of more of the same type of thing you've been making or are there differences?

Wilkerson: I think it's definitely different... You would recognize the songs being from this band... I think they're tighter and better-written. Tony is our main songwriter and I think he's just gotten better and better as he's written more songs and they're more tight and direct and we all love them.

Wilkerson: There's also bongos on the new record and an electric — what's this thing's called?

Thompson: Mandolin. An electric mandolin. You would never know. Never tell anyone if you're hearing this — don't tell them that that's on the record.

So a secret electric mandolin.

Wilkerson: That's one of the fun games you can play once you hear the new record — you can try to find the electric mandolin.

Thompson: Tweet me or direct message me and tell me which one it is because I'm dying to know.

Well thanks so much for talking you guys.

(Transcribed and condensed for clarity by Audrey Wang and Meghan Smith)