Singer Tory Silver performed some songs for 88.9’s WERS Wicked Local Wednesday. The folk and alternative artist quickly talked with WERS writer Tiffany Carbon about her inspirations and her early childhood days that founded her love for music.

Tiffany: When did you start writing and making music?

Tory: It was really when I saw my favorite musician Sondre Lerche for the first time in concert. He was just all over the fretboard and doing all of these things that I never thought to do.

Tiffany: Would you say he’s then one of your biggest guitar inspirations?

Tory: Yeah! After I saw that concert I was like I need to go back and play my guitar and do something weird and funky on it!

Tiffany: I noticed that your guitar is very essential to your sound so, when did you learn to play?

Tory: I was, um, twelve. It was at a summer camp - a school of rock summer camp actually! I got my hands on a guitar and, yeah, I’ve just been playing ever since.

Tiffany: Who are some artists that you listened to while younger?

Tory: We listened to a lot of The Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel … a lot of classics.

Tiffany: When was your first show in Boston?

Tory: It was in 2016, not too long ago! Then I put out the album [Observere] in 2017.

Tiffany: How was it growing up in Ohio while wanting to pursue music? Was it more difficult than what it would’ve been in a bigger city like New York for example?

Tory: Honestly? It was great. People don’t tend to think that about Ohio, but it really was great for me.

Tiffany: I do have to admit that I’m one of the people who doesn’t think of Ohio as a big music hub so it’s interesting to hear this.

Tory: Cleveland was super inspiring because it has the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Also, knowing that the Moondog [Coronation Ball] which was the first, well technically the first, big rock concert happened in Cleveland is amazing. It kind of has that history to it, you know?

Tiffany: That must have been really motivating.

Tory: Yeah, I always felt inspired and like I belonged.

Tiffany: I know as an artist yourself you must love listening to other people and finding inspiration from that. So, last question, what are some artists or songs that have been stuck in your head lately?

Tory: Oh, I’m always listening to music. What I’m listening to right now, um … I have two. “Needle and Knife” by Tennis and “The Bug Collector” by Haley Heynderickx. People should definitely check them out.

Silver’s debut album, Observere, and her latest EP Pepper are available on all streaming services. Audiences can see her perform next on April 24 at Boston favorite, Club Passim. Tickets available here.