Speaking as someone with an ever-deepening love for Boston’s music scene, I recognize the slightly feverish haze that takes over a person describing their hometown pride.

Yes, it is valid to believe that [local band x] put out the greatest album this decade and [local band y] could sell out arenas despite barely filling the local bar to half capacity. In fact, I encourage more people to invest in their local scene, but passion unfortunately doesn’t often hold hands with reality.

Keeping all of this in mind, I humbly present Kid Mountain as a worthy offering to whichever gods control the fates of local bands.

Coming nearly four years after their out-of-nowhere debut, Happies, Kid Mountain thrives on the (equally oddball-titled) follow-up, Trinkles, by continuing to play to the best qualities of their influences. It’s fair to think “Curtains” comes from a version of The Shins that continued grinding on without Zach Braff’s twee stamp of approval, but boosted with Animal Collective’s sweetest vocal work and Beach House’s leisurely aesthetic. Most impressively, instead of coming off as sound-alikes, the five piece band simply evokes the liberation of biking around Boston in short sleeves on the first warm day of the year.

More than Spring weather eventually reaching Boston though, the hope is that the breezy joy clearly rolling off of Kid Mountain hits far more cities than our own this year.