Nothing says Mother’s Day quite like brunch, so to prepare, the Morning Edition team visited Boston’s Nathálie Wine Bar this week, which specializes in natural and female-produced wines. Owner Haley Fortier recommends these wines for celebrating mom.

Bubbles: NV Maysara Sparkling Pinot Noir
No need to travel internationally if you’re looking for something bubbly — Fortier chose a sparkling pinot from the Willamette Valley in Oregon, full of tart strawberry and pomegranate, flavors. “Everyone leans towards France for champagne,” she said. “I was inclined to stay in our own backyard.” This pinot noir is made by an Iranian family who put down roots in Oregon. Fortier notes that this wine is biodynamic, meaning its production relies on natural cycles and treatments that are naturally produced.

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Orange: 2020 Brianne Day, “Vin de Days”
Some people mistakenly assume orange wine is made from oranges, but Fortier explained that it’s made the same as rosé, except with white grapes rather than red. “The color palette can go from super bright neon orange to almost a rusty old nail burnt orange,” she said. “It just depends on how long the skins have been sitting on the juice once the grapes are pressed into whatever barrel they’re going into.” This Oregon wine is made from mainly riesling grapes, lending a tropical expression. “Your second glass of this won’t be the same of your first because it’s constantly evolving,” she said.

Red: 2019 Valfaccenda “Vindabeive”
Not all moms want pink or bubbly wine on Mother’s Day, so Fortier picked this red from Piedmont, Italy, made from Nebbiolo grapes with flavors of cherry and rose petals. This is made with partial carbonic maceration, which means that “all these grapes are going into this tank, with the stem and everything, they’re going into stainless steel, it’s getting covered and they’re basically exploding on their own. The fermentation starts that way.” Fortier says that process adds poppy, tingling notes that reminds her of pop rocks.

Audio story produced by Karen Marshall, Morning Edition Producer