Costco can now keep your pantry stocked for everything from the holidays to the apocalypse. The wholesale company is offering a doomsday food kit that will keep a family of four fed for a year.

The kit costs $6,000 and includes 36,000 servings based on a 2,000-a-day calorie diet. Some of the food, which includes pasta, textured vegetable proteins, rice, and dried fruits, has a shelf life of 25 years.

Corby Kummer, Food writer and senior editor for The Atlantic, joined Boston Public Radio Tuesday to talk about Costco’s latest offering.

“I don’t get it,” Kummer said. “People buy much too much at Costco.”

Kummer suggested that this meal kit may be more of a publicity stunt than an attempt by Costco to monetize people's fear of the apocalypse. “Well, it's got us talking about Costco and giving them free advertising," he said. "Who knows if the nuclear alarm clock, two seconds to midnight, is really going to motivate people to make room in their basements for these kits.”

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