As you know if you are interacting with American commerce or popular entertainment at the moment, the Super Bowl is this weekend. Stephen Thompson, as he has explained for NPR in the past, has an annual Super Bowl party and chicken-eating contest called Chicken Bowl. This year will be Chicken Bowl XX — that is, Chicken Bowl 20, for those of you who are not Romans.

In preparation for Chicken Bowl and for the Super Bowl parties many of you will be enjoying (or trying to enjoy) also, we brought in Dan Pashman, who hosts The Sporkful at WNYC and is completely right about many things despite being totally, wildly wrong about hot dogs.

Dan offers some advice for party hosts who are not pleasing guests by plying them with massive quantities of fried chicken, as well as for guests like me who, for whatever reason, are not bringing the world's best party snack. (After you review our advice, also check out this nifty beer/snack pairing guide over at The Salt.)

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