Today Robin Abrahams, known to many as the Miss Conduct columnist for The Boston Globe Magazine, joined us to talk about guns.

Over the weeks we've talked about gun reform, curbing gun violence, and gun culture.  However,  it took us an entire month after the mass shooting in Newtown, CT to get at one really fundamental issue: how do we talk to one another about our relationship with guns?

From our neighbors who may have a shed full of  hunting rifles and ammo, to a close friend who elects to have a gun in the house as a means of self-protection.If being around guns makes you nervous how do you stand up for own  safety without  offending someone else's beliefs? At what point does one's ideology get confused with morality?

These are heavy-duty topics that only Robin Abrahams can make accessible--in print and on the air. To read more on this issue check out her column in this Sunday's  Boston Globe Magazine.


Robin Abrahams, Miss Conduct Columnist, Boston Globe Magazine