Sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg grew up near Stolkholm, Sweden and make up the country-folk duo First Aid Kit.The sisters got an early start in music, hitting the road as young teens in 2008, with their father along to guide them. By 2012, they nabbed the awards “Best Nordic 2012 Album” and Swedish Grammis for “Artist of the Year”, “Songwriter of the Year”, “Best Pop of the Year” and “Album of the Year”.

For their eighth tour of North America, the sisters stopped in Boston to play music from their third studio album, Stay Gold, released in June 2014. We sat down with Klara and Johanna to talk about growing up in Sweden, being on tour, recording their latest album and what inspired some of their most well-known songs.

This performance was recorded on June 8, 2014.

Set List:

King of the World, 1:52
In the Hearts of Men, 5:36
Johanna and Klara talk about growing up in musical family, 10:23
J&K describe their music, 11:04
Cedar Lane, 12:00
J&K talk about growing up in the internet age, 16:55
J&K talk about their musical influences and getting started with music, 17:44
My Silver Lining, 18:46
Fans talk about First Aid Kit, 22:11
J&K talk about their quick career launch into music. 23:27
Wolf, 24:30
J&K talk about recording Stay Gold, 27:55
Heaven Knows, 30:30
The Lion's Roar, 33:39
Stay Gold, 40:32
Emmylou, 45:45

Video Credits:

Greg Shea - Producer/Director/Camera/Editor
Alan Mattes - Recorded and Mixed By
Marina Argyriou - Camera
Kiva Kuan Liu - Camera
Annie Shreffler - Camera
Andrea Wolanin - Camera

Kegan Harrington - Producer