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Social media at Third Rail by Ozy
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Social Media

Our Platforms

Social media provides a home for our community to engage—with WGBH and with each other—more deeply. No matter if you follow WGBH, Boston Public Radio or NOVA, our programs' social media accounts are places you can go to find and connect with fellow fans. Through social media, you can be an active participant and engage with the content you watch on TV, online, or on your social feeds through live streaming conversations, rich comment threads, or dialogue through live chats.

Explore all of the official WGBH social media accounts on your favorite platform:

  • WGBH Facebook Live Stories From the Stage


    From social-first video that puts today’s news in context from FRONTLINE, to behind the scenes content from Masterpiece and Basic Black episodes on Facebook Live, you can find all of your favorite WGBH productions on Facebook. Follow the main station page, WGBH, for the latest programming and events information, as well as music, food and events articles, images, video, and opportunities to connect with others in the community.
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  • WGBH YouTube Beat the Press


    WGBH’s YouTube network includes channels from the Front Row Boston music team and local TV productions such as High School Quiz Show. Catch up with the latest news from the WGBH News channel or catch local lectures with Forum Network. You can also follow any of our national PBS series on YouTube such as American Experience and Antiques Roadshow, and trust leaving your kids with our Children’s channels such as Arthur and Peep and the Big Wide World.
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  • Instagram Victoria


    Follow WGBH on Instagram for behind the scenes looks at your favorite productions, programming previews, and access to celebrity guests and exciting events at the station. Our other productions are also on Instagram — recap episodes of Victoria with Masterpiece, see photography from local news events with WGBH News, and test your smarts with challenges from High School Quiz Show.
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  • WGBH FRONTLINE Twitter Thread


    You can keep up to date by the minute with WGBH programming on Twitter. Follow WGBH News for the latest from the newsroom and all its productions, including Boston Public Radio, Open Studio and Innovation Hub. The majority of our TV productions include hashtags you can follow to join the conversation around each episode, including the #ROADSHOWPBS weekly Twitter chat during Monday night broadcasts.
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  • WGBH LinkedIn Frontline Abacus


    WGBH’s Company Page on LinkedIn is your home for foundation updates, job listings, headlines and features from our employees. Posts from WGBH on LinkedIn tell the story of our many productions, businesses, and initiatives and introduce you to the talented professionals who work in our studios and across the country. Follow us on LinkedIn to learn how our mission is being realized—and how you can be a part of it.
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  • WGBH Pinterest Food and Wine Festival


    Many of our productions curate Pinterest boards for those “pinners” out there. Look to Masterpiece for costume and hairstyles boards inspired by Victoria, Poldark, and others; to Design Squad Global for engineering games and classroom activities; and WGBH’s home boards for recipes from our Craving Boston team and photos from our marquee events such as the Ice Cream Fun Fest and the WGBH Food and Wine Fest.
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Social Media Case Studies
  • FRONTLINE Webby Award

    FRONTLINE wins People’s Choice Webby Award for Social Journalism

    FRONTLINE was recognized for their proficient use of social media to provide news and information by the 2018 Webby Awards.
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  • WGBH Facebook Phil Anthony Hard.jpg

    ‘American Experience’ harnesses Facebook to identify teen in 50-year-old footage

    American Experience tapped into their Facebook community to help tell the story of Phil Anthony Hart.
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  • WGBH Digital Pledge Drive

    Creative New Ways to Engage Listeners During Your Next Drive

    This Greater Public article uses WGBH’s Facebook-first “digital pledge drive” as an example of how stations can connect to their audiences in new ways.
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Social Media Values
Education Through Engagement

WGBH is committed to using social media and emerging platforms to provide educational, inspirational and entertaining content on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms, reflecting diverse perspectives alongside our TV and digital properties.

Social media is changing the way we work and offering a new model to engage with viewers, listeners, supporters, colleagues, and the world at large. These interactions can help WGBH brands and employees build stronger, more meaningful relationships with the communities we serve, here in New England, across the nation and around the world.

Here at WGBH, we aim to use social media to:

  • Engage audiences with educational resources
  • Make our organization and its work accessible to new audiences
  • Emphasize community engagement over marketing and promotion
  • Facilitate innovation, creativity, and a diversity of viewpoints on social media platforms
  • Embrace meaningful two-way relationships with our audiences
  • Preserve the integrity and brand of WGBH by being responsive to the needs of the many communities we serve
  • Empower WGBH employees to become better ambassadors for public media and its programs and services
  • Equip WGBH employees with the training they need to use social media effectively
  • Encourage WGBH project and production teams to develop long-term strategies for their use of social media, defined by key performance indicators based on impact and engagement
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Community Guidelines
Embracing Social Media And Emerging Media Platforms

WGBH makes every effort to respond to users tweets, posts, comments and suggestions on social media platforms.

WGBH employees abide by a Code of Ethics that covers personal activity on social media as it relates to WGBH and its programming. Tweets and posts from WGBH employees’ personal accounts do not necessarily reflect the views of WGBH.

WGBH Hashtag Signs Commitment to Social Media
WGBH Social Media Portal

The WGBH Social Media Portal is a resource for public media professionals whose work intersects with social media—around content creation, asset management, distribution, or strategy—and others interested in the ways viewers and listeners are consuming content on social platforms.

The Portal includes social media case studies from WGBH productions, best practice guides, and industry updates including monthly “social media platform changes” roundups.

Subscribe to the weekly Social Media Portal newsletter here.

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