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Record Your Masterpiece at the WGBH Studios

Fraser Performance Studio's state-of-the-art facilities are ideal for anyone seeking superior audio services. Musicians, students, record labels, radio, television, theater, publishers, and businesses have used our engineers and studios with world-class results. We specialize in all styles of acoustic music: classical, jazz, and folk.



  • 48 tracks of live stereo and 5.1 surround sound recording with lock to picture
  • Stereo, multi-track or surround sound recording
  • Audio editing and mastering
  • Audio restoration
  • Video synchronization for audio lock to picture production
  • Video shoots and post-production
  • Location recording
  • Experienced, courteous engineers can work with you or your engineer

Studios and Equipment

Fraser Performance Studio


  • Superb acoustically designed recording studio that can accommodate a 60-piece orchestra
  • Two-story windows in a beautiful room create a great sense of space and natural light
  • Designed for isolation, absorption and diffraction, Fraser is a "room within a room" with a floating floor resiliently mounted on a concrete slab which isolates the studio from the building. The acoustically treated fiberglass walls allow for low frequency absorption, while the high ceiling provides additional sound diffraction.
  • 52' x 34' with a 28' ceiling totaling approximately 1,800 square feet
  • 2 ISO booths for vocal overdubs, narration, drums or other individual instruments
  • Music stands and orchestra chairs
  • Axiom 16-channel personal headphone mixing stations
  • Conductor podium
  • Choral risers
  • DMX control lighting dimmers
  • Lighting pack for video shoots
  • Conveniently located off Storrow Drive and Mass Turnpike in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston
  • Access by public transportation
  • Free Parking
  • Green room with video link
  • Handicap accessible
  • Catering services available
Fraser Floor Plan
Fraser floor plan



  • Hamburg Steinway Model D Concert Grand piano
  • Hamburg Steinway Model B Concert Grand piano
  • 1973 William Dowd harpsichord modeled after an 18th century double manual instrument by Pascal Taskin.
  • Mapex 4 piece drum kit

Control One


  • SSL C200 digital console with automation: 48 microphone inputs, 64 channels, 128 total inputs
  • Nuendo 48-track DAW
  • Pro Tools 9
  • ATC-100 stereo monitor speakers
  • 5 matched Dynaudio Air speakers and sub woofer for surround mixing
  • Genelec 1030A nearfield monitors
  • TC Electronics M6000 with mastering and reverb
  • Lexicon 300 reverb
  • Eventide Harmonizer
  • Various delays and effects plug-ins
  • Multiple DVD, CD and Flash recorders
  • Large selection of high-quality microphones including AKG, B&K, DPA, Neuman and Schoeps.
  • View our complete microphone list here.

Control Two


  • Designed for all of your post-production needs including digital editing, mixing and mastering
  • CD mastering and audio sweetening
  • Audio restoration
  • Euphonix MC Pro Controller with Nuendo DAW interface and Yamaha DM 1000 allows for fully automated mixing
  • TC Electronics M6000 with mastering and reverb
  • ATC 100 stereo monitoring speakers
  • 5 matched Dynaudio AIR speakers and subwoofer for surround mixing

Other Studios

  • Additional studios and control rooms are available for narration, ISDN and telephone interviews, radio talk shows, books on tape, foley, voice and production work.

Rates and Contact

WGBH Radio Studios
One Guest St., Boston, MA, 02135
Basic rental includes studio and control room with engineer. Rates vary depending on time and requirements. Recording and post-production packages are available on request. Discounts are available for multiple rentals.

Fraser Performance Studio
Studio rentals, recording sessions, post-production
WGBH Production Group
617-300-2425 or 617-300-2349

Other Radio Studios
Comrex/Tieline, Podcasts, Radio Interviews, etc.
Gary Mott
617-300-2422 (for same or next day requests only)


Antonio Oliart


A double Grammy winner in 2020, Antonio Oliart has been at WGBH since 1995. His training includes a Masters of Music degree in flute performance from The Mannes College of Music in New York City. He also holds a Masters Degree in Sound Recording from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. He has produced CD's for labels such as Analekta Records, Warner in Japan, Centaur, Hungaroton and has worked for Philips, Erato, Teldec, Telarc, Koch International, Deutsche Grammophon and many other record companies as a recording engineer, editor and mastering engineer. Antonio has won several awards besides his Grammys for his work at WGBH including three New England Emmy awards for outstanding individual achievement in audio.

Robin Moore


Robin Moore has been at WGBH since 1998. She is an electrical engineering graduate from Brown University and has also studied music production and engineering extensively at the Berklee College of Music. She has been engineering music recording projects since 1988, and her complete audio engineering discography includes projects for major labels like Sony/Epic Records and Motown Records. Additionally, she is a musician and composer with a strong background in MIDI computer music and keyboard instruments.

Christopher D. Anderson, C.A.S.


Chris has been on staff at WGBH since 2016, and is an alumnus of the Berklee College of Music's Music Production and Engineering program. As a former studio owner, he hosted a range of acts - from Aerosmith, Guns 'n Roses and Trent Reznor to the Judds, Yo Yo Ma, Tony Levin and Stephane Grappelli to Taj Mahal and Livingston Taylor. As a recording engineer, editor and mix engineer, Chris has worked with a variety of artists, including acclaimed composer Curtis K. Hughes, noted B3 organist Ron Levy, jazz trombone legend Dave Bargeron, as well as indie/folk rock darlings Of Monsters And Men, Chadwick Stokes, and Mandolin Orange. He has also mixed numerous live shows and television broadcasts, as well as audio post-production for a range of music, film and television programming. Chris is also an educator - he has been on the Music Production faculty at his alma mater, Berklee, as well as having served as guest lecturer in Northeastern University's Music Department. He is currently an adjunct professor at Boston University, where he teaches Sound Design for Film and Television in the Film Department at the University's College of Communication.

Miles Smith

Staff Maintenance Engineer

Miles Smith has been involved in the design and construction of dozens of studios, including radio broadcast studios, recording studios, and post-production facilities in New York, Boston, Washington DC, Haiti and Grenada. Miles is the recording and mastering engineer for the NPR program Selected Shorts. He is the Chief Engineer for the Spanish Beisbol Network, and works with This American Life as a technical consultant. He has been tech director of several radio conferences and music festivals, and has engineered three Grammy nominated records. He has done stereo sound gathering for radio productions in Wyoming, Texas, Vermont, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Pakistan, India, and many other locales.

Jon Frank

Staff Maintenance Engineer

The broadcasting bug first bit Jon Frank at age seven when his father took him on a tour of the NBC studios in New York City. By age, 16 Jon was working at the Trinity College student radio station and, in 1971, Jon joined the New York University student radio station while pursuing a degree in film and television. Upon graduating from NYU Jon came to New England as Chief Engineer of WCOD on Cape Cod. From there he moved to Boston working at WVBF and WJIB before landing at WHDH radio where he advanced to the position of Chief Engineer. In 1987, Jon moved in to television at Channel 68, Channel 7, and Cramer Video productions. In 1991, Jon joined the engineering staff at WGBH. Jon helped plan and supervise the construction of the WGBH Radio facilities including the installation of the SSL C200 music-mixing console.