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Example Venn Diagram

Taylor's Diagram

How to describe this image:

Venn diagrams are usually described by listing the contents of each circle and then the are of intersection. This one is complicated by the drawings of the tadpole and the frog which would typically be ignored as extraneous visual decoration. However, in this case, the sighted student knows immediately from the drawings which circle belongs to tadpoles and which belongs to frogs and so leaving that information out would put the print disabled student at a disadvantage. The result is a necessarily wordy description which can be easily read aloud by a person or by a TTS reader.


A Venn diagram titled Taylor's Diagram. In the Venn diagram, one circle has a drawing of a tadpole and the other circle has a drawing of a frog. In each circle, there are lists that include blank lines labeled with letters.

Inside the tadpole circle:

  • Blank line labeled A
  • Blank line labeled B
  • Live in water
  • Have long tails

Inside the frog circle:

  • Frogs
  • Breath through lungs
  • Blank line labeled C
  • Blank line labeled D

Inside the area of intersection:

  • Eats small insects
  • Amphibian
  • Blank line labeled E