Our friend and colleague Brian O’Donovan, host of A Celtic Sojourn on GBH radio for more than 37 years and a beloved broadcaster whose live holiday shows became a joyous family tradition for a generation of Bostonians, died October 6, 2023 after a long battle with brain cancer

A Celtic Sojourn debuted on GBH radio in 1986 and, with it, his emergence as one of public broadcasting’s most popular on-air personalities. Over the years, Brian’s charming Irish lilt introduced countless listeners to the beautiful voices and stories of his native Ireland, along with Celtic-inspired musicians from around the world.

Brian liked to quote the great Irish poet Seamus Heaney’s poem The Gravel Walks: “Walk on air against your better judgement.” That optimism, despite the odds, to do what you love in life and to take chances, is what impressed and inspired so many about Brian.

A radio tribute to Brian will air next Saturday starting at 3pm on GBH 89.7.