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The story of Canada’s famous Hudson's Bay Company

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Monday, June 28, 2021

Scholar Stephen Bown shares his compelling narrative history of Canada’s famous Hudson's Bay Company. Follow its rise from a small 1670 trading business backed by Royal Charter through its intersections as a political and economic force working with indigenous people as well as French, and American settlers on both sides of the 49th parallel and beyond. The Company became the single biggest political and economic force in North America, influencing the lives of people from Hudson’s Bay to the Pacific Ocean. See Bown’s illustrated presentation and insights on this rich and peopled history; and his discussion of Canada, then and now, with fellow countryman Jeff Breithaupt. ### RESOURCES Learn more about Stephen Bown and his books, including “The Company,” https://stephenrbown.net/ More about our moderator Jeff Breithaupt and his podcast, Canadians Among Us. https://twitter.com/jeffbreithaupt Find additional author events, webinars, and family history resources, chat with an expert genealogist at www.americanancestors.org Check out the many resources at American Ancestors, like this French-Canadian Genealogy page: https://www.americanancestors.org/education/learning-resources/read/french-canadian-guide

Stephen Bown is an author. He has written ten books on the history of exploration, science, and ideas--including books on the medical mystery of scurvy, the Treaty or Tordesillas, the lives of Captain George Vancouver and of Roald Amundsen and a doomed Russian sea voyage. His books have been published in multiple English-speaking territories, translated into nine languages and shortlisted for many awards. He has won the BC Book Prize, the Alberta Book Award, the William Mills Prize for Polar Books. His previous book, The Island of Blue Foxes, about Vitus Bering's voyage to Alaska, was shortlisted for the RBC Taylor Prize. Born in Ottawa, he now live near Banff in the Canadian Rockies.
Jeff Breithaupt is a writer, songwriter, podcaster, and is Vice President at Manhattan School of Music. He co-authored two books about pop music in the 1970s for St. Martin's Press, and is the lyricist half of the Breithaupt Brothers, an award-winning songwriting team whose work has been interpreted by such Broadway and jazz stars as Kelli O’Hara, Catherine Russell, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Jeff is an expert advocate for Canada's arts and cultural scene and has promoted Canadian talent on the New York and international stage. He lives in New York City, where he is launching the podcast Cansplaining with Jeff Breithaupt.