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The Intelligent Integrated Store

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Thursday, October 13, 2016
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Retailers have a vision for an intelligent integrated store.But where exactly are we in the realization of this vision? There has been much discussion about marrying continuous overhead RFID/RTLS locating capabilities, video analytics, BLE, traffic counters, EAS, POS data, receiving data, and other store-based sensors to create an integrated, intelligent, self-aware store. Retailers want highly granular insights into the movements, actions and intentions of shoppers in their stores. They want store associates to be alerted the moment a shopper needs attention or an item needs to be restocked, merchants and store planners to know exactly how shoppers are buying, which items are being tried on but put back on the shelf and the physical paths taken through the store and shoppers to be presented with a personalized context-relevant digital-physical experience. In this session, we will hear from technologists and retailers about the vision and the reality on the ground. (Image from the video [Hyper Reality](https://vimeo.com/166807261 "watch video") by Keiichi Matsuda)

Seasoned and PMP certified project manager with over twenty years of project management experience on a variety of projects. A well developed ability to plan, organize and lead complex activity under very challenging conditions and constraints. An able leader who motivates people and teams to produce high quality results. A persuasive communicator with customers, suppliers, employees and executive management.
Ashlee is responsible for the Global Technology Strategy and Transformation programs for DSW Inc. She leads the enterprise effort of DSW’s Transformation to the Digital Mesh, while expanding the portfolio to include acquisitions and International Shared Services. Ashlee is passionate about the Retail Industry’s ability to rapidly Transform the retail technology eco-system, to not just meet, but constantly adapt, to the ever changing needs of the consumer, both today and into the future. Prior to joining DSW, Ashlee’s career spans a number of retailers such as: CIO, Restoration Hardware, Chief Integration Officer, CIO and SVP Supply Chain at Golfsmith International, CIO, and SVP of Digital and Shared Services at West Marine, and CIO of Zale Corporation, as well as a Retail Leader at Deloitte. She has been actively involved with the NRF CIO Council for over 15 years.
Susan Flake, Director of RFID Business Development for Zebra Technologies Corporation, has over 30 years experience in retail; The last ten of which focusing on expanding the item-level RFID initiatives in the apparel and footwear markets. As an active member and co-chair of GS1, AAFA and VICs, Susan champions cross functional RFID initiatives and thought leadership campaigns while working closely with the retail apparel marketplace across the United States.
Founder and CEO of b8ta, a software-powered retail showroom for out-of-the-box consumer hardware and IoT products.
Beth is an experienced program and project manager with experience in the financial, federal government, insurance, and retail industries. She is a creative team leader with a successful track record in project delivery and systems process redesign. Additionally, Beth has experience in executing system development lifecycle activities including requirements gathering, business analysis, solution testing, and end user training.

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