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Irish Furniture and the Irish Georgian Society

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Christie's vice president James Peill and Desmond Fitzgerald, 29th Knight of Glin and president of the Irish Georgian Society, present at Deadwyler Finest Period Furniture. The two collaborated on the book, *Irish Furniture*, and Fitzgerald talks about the Society, which observes its 50th anniversary on this date and celebrates by opening an Atlanta chapter.

James Peill is a vice president of Christie's New York, where he is a specialist in the European furniture department. He grew up in the Welsh Marches and graduated from Edinburgh University in 1994.
FitzGerald was educated at the University of British Columbia in Canada and Harvard in the United States. He worked at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, in the furniture department. He later returned to Ireland, and became active in conservation issues, becoming involved with the Irish Georgian Society and at this time he was appointed its president in 1991. His daughters are Catherine (Countess of Durham, married to Lord Durham), Nesta and Honor. He has represented the art auctioneers Christies in Ireland. His knighthood must pass to a son, not another male or female relative, and since he has none, he will probably be the last Knight. Desmond FitzGerald currently resides between Glin Castle, County Limerick (which he inherited as a child) and his Dublin townhouse.