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Saturday, November 02, 2019

Content is moving in all directions, delivered from concept to production and distribution faster and across more platforms than ever before. Keeping up with audiences – where they watch and how they respond creates unique challenges for producers, media strategists and insight specialists to stay ahead in each project. In this discussion we’re breaking down the content. How to deliver great results to satisfy audiences, publishers, and the brands that support them – and what producers are experimenting with across streaming platforms, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, AR and others to keep up. The panel discusses what it takes to build a great creative and production plan, and deliver content that doesn’t leave you in Fear Of Missing Out! Image: Mass Production Coalitiion & Pexels.com

Lubo Madolev is currently the Supervising Producer at Mustache, an award-winning Brooklyn based creative content agency, part of Cognizant Interactive. A “one-stop shop” Content Agency, Mustache provides all-in creative, strategic, production, post-production, and distribution services for a 360°, 24/7 world. Lubo has led commercial productions for renowned brands such as Amazon, Google, Netflix, Showtime, Expedia, and with partners such as T Brand Studio, McCann and Conde Nast. Utilizing skills gained from working in television and documentary films, Lubo is most passionate about story-driven content that also achieves business results. In response to always-evolving consumer habits, Lubo’s team is ever optimizing and fine-tuning their creative approach to address increasingly complex production demands, often in a very limited window of time.
Content creator and cookie aficionado, Joanie makes video in all shapes and formats across the digital spectrum, from Twitch to Snapchat, YouTube to Instagram Stories. Currently Senior Producer for WGBH’s Emerging Platforms Initiative, she spends her days piloting original video content for social platforms and watching TikToks. Previously she worked as a senior producer at Priorities USA, a producer at Bustle and Elite Daily, lead field documentarian for Finding America, a producer at Digitas, and Harvard Business School's first digital content producer. She was born and raised in Charlestown, Mass. - known to fans of Jeremy Renner as “The Town” - and has an MA in international journalism, specializing in documentary making, from Cardiff University in Wales.
Bobby is the Vice President of Research & Measurement at Group Nine Media (parent company of Thrillist, The Dodo, NowThis, Seeker). Bobby started his career at Nielsen in ad effectiveness research. Prior to the launch of Group Nine, Bobby led building the research offering of Thrillist focusing on branded content impact, audience measurement, advertising effectiveness, and customized experimental research. Currently, he's focusing on proving the value of branded content video distributed to social platforms, creating best practices for aligning content against audience interest profiles, and overseeing Group Nine's custom audience research panel, Laboratory Nine.
With over 15 years of experience, Amber Harris is an award-winning producer for some of the world’s largest media companies and Fortune 500 brands. She has worked across the commercial, brand and agency sides of production, helping to guide ideas from concept through air date. Producing everything from digital, social and experiential campaigns to microsites, apps, commercials, music video, promos, live events and films. Amber is currently VP/Executive Producer and Co-Lead of Production at Digitas Boston where she works on national integrated campaigns for companies like General Motors, Ebay, Dunkin Donuts, JFK Library & Museum and more. Her work has been featured in major publications as well as Tim Cook’s keynote address at the Apple Developer’s conference. Prior to Digitas, she had multiple roles at MTV networks where she was most recently Acting Supervising Producer for VH1. There, she was responsible for managing a team of production experts to create on-air and off-air Promos, on-air branding, integrated marketing campaigns and more. Additionally, she is the Co-Founder of COLLECTIVE JUICES, where she helps find funding for independent film projects, while producing short films and music videos