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Eliminating Poverty: Attainable Goal or Unrealizable Dream?

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

This is the sixth forum in a special discussion series entitled*The World We Want*, which focuses on the search for real solutions that will lead to a better world. Participants explore the following questions: Is there a new "open source'"approach to solving social dilemmas? How are cooperation, collaboration and whole-systems partnerships changing the paradigm of social action? How can big visionary ideas like this one be made concrete? We all dream of a world without conflict and massive inequity, of ideologues that admit other ways of thinking than their own, of analysis and criticism that puts forward solutions, of policies that propose bolder answers to the world's great problems, some of them planet-threatening. We look for answers, for ideas, and for real solutions that will lead to a better world. We want to be part of that world, and this program is an expression of those aspirations. *The World We Want* is also the title of a new book by Peter Karoff, which picks up where his previous book, *Just Money: A Critique of Contemporary American Philanthropy* ends. It draws on the collective wisdom and experience of creative philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, activists, and others who have thought about ways to promote the public good; the doers, the change makers, the innovators and the catalysts for social action in society.

Peggy Dulany is Chair of The Synergos Institute, an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to creating effective, sustainable and locally based solutions to poverty. Her career has included heading a Boston area public high school program for drop outs for six years and consulting with the United Nations and the Ford Foundation on health care and family planning in Brazil, the United States and Portugal, and with the National Endowment for the Arts on nonprofit management and planning. She was Senior Vice President of the New York City Partnership for five years, where she headed the Youth Employment and Education programs. Dr. Dulany is an honors graduate of Radcliffe College and holds a Doctorate in Education from Harvard University. She is also Chair of ProVentures, a business development company for Latin America and Southern Africa. She has sat on over 30 nonprofit and corporate boards including Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Africa-America Institute, among others.