MIT linguistics and philosophy professor Noam Chomsky last night addressed a sold-out audience at the First Parish Church in Cambridge.

Chomsky warned about what he described as the dangers of fascism in Europe and triggering a nuclear war with North Korea or Russia. In an hour-long discussion with renowned journalist Amy Goodman, Chomsky also described the Women’s March and last weekend’s March for Science as hopeful signs of resistance to the Trump Administration.

“There are a lot of reasons for hope,” Chomsky said. “First of all, there is enormous resistance — the kind of thing that happened like in the early 80s, and it goes on right to the present. So, the most significant fact about the last election was not Trump’s victory, which was very serious for the country and the world, but the astonishing success of Bernie Sanders' campaign."

Watch the entire Chomsky-Goodman talk, recorded by WGBH’s Forum Network and presented in partnership with Harvard Book Store.