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  • Step into the shoes of those who rebelled against the British Empire and immerse yourself in the captivating world of the American Revolution alongside our esteemed guest expert, Brooke Barbier. With an unrivaled passion for history and a profound knowledge of the social and cultural aspects of this transformative era, Brooke will transport you to the heart of the Revolution, breathing life into the stories that shaped a nation.

    Prepare to be enthralled as Brooke weaves together vivid storytelling and captivating anecdotes, focusing on her areas of expertise that delve into the cultural fabric of the American Revolution. From popular protests against taxation to the influential figures of John Hancock, Samuel Adams, Abigail Adams, and George Washington, Brooke will shed light on the fascinating dynamics and pivotal moments that defined the revolutionary period.

    During this engaging discussion and interactive Q&A session, you will have a unique opportunity to explore the untold stories of our American heroes, discover the invaluable contributions of women to the resistance, gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and triumphs that shaped the United States of America, and reflect on the legacy of the revolution to twenty-first century Americans. Secure your spot today.

    Brooke Barbier received her PhD in American History from Boston College, researching Boston’s social and cultural life during and after the American Revolution. She is the author of the new book, King Hancock: The Radical Influence of a Moderate Founding Father (out October 10 from Harvard University Press) and Boston in the American Revolution: A Town Versus an Empire. Because she believes beer makes history even better, she founded Ye Olde Tavern Tours in 2013, offering spirited tours of Boston’s Freedom Trail.

    This event will be moderated and hosted by GBH News and Morning Edition, David Epstein.

    This event is presented with support from Ye Olde Tavern Tours.

    Photo credit: Tim Mossholder

    This event is presented in partnership with Ye Olde Tavern Tours.

    At Ask the Expert, get access to experts specializing in a wide variety of topics, learn something new about a subject you are passionate about or discover a new interest. GBH invites you to drive the conversation by asking questions during the live event directly with our expert. It’s always interesting, and it’s always free!

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    If you have questions or can no longer attend, please contact Audience and Member Services Department. Audience and Member Services can be reached during regular business hours M-F, 9am-5pm at 617-300-3300 or via email: info@wgbh.org.

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    Ye Olde Tavern Tour logo of a minuteman carrying a keg of beer with old style writing.

    This event is presented in support from Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Tickets are no longer available for this event.

    What might optimistic—yet realistic—scenarios for New England’s climate future look like? As our summers get hotter, storms get stronger, sea levels rise and other consequences become more apparent, climate change is top of mind. Hear from a panel of three renowned climate experts on their transformational visions for New England – and reasons for hope.

    Discover the specific impacts that may affect New England the most, and how we can rise to meet these challenges. This inspiring evening will leave you with an understanding of not only the threats but the positive actions that can help our communities, region and nation address climate change.

    Come learn what you as an individual can do, how to talk with your children about the climate future and how to discuss climate solutions with your neighbors, relatives and friends – even the skeptical ones– in a productive and empowering way.


    Katharine Hayhoe is perhaps the nation’s leading voice in communicating about climate solutions across often-polarized political and cultural lines. An atmospheric scientist whose research focuses on understanding the impacts of climate change on people and the planet, she recently authored Saving Us: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope and Healing. She is a Distinguished Professor at Texas Tech University and serves as Chief Scientist for The Nature Conservancy.

    Mariama White-Hammond is a top expert in charting Boston’s climate future, and serves as Chief of Environment, Energy and Open Space since April 2021. A leading voice in the fight for environmental justice and community resilience, she oversees Boston’s policy and programs on energy, climate change, sustainability, historic preservation and open space.

    Melissa Hoffer is Massachusetts’ first-ever Climate Chief, appointed in April by Governor Maura Healey to lead the newly created Office of Climate Innovation and Resilience. Massachusetts is the first state in the nation to establish such a position at the cabinet level. She previously has held high-level posts in the General Counsel's Office of the Environmental Protection Agency.

    Veteran journalist Miles O’Brien has been documenting the impacts of climate change for decades as a producer/correspondent for NOVA, FRONTLINE, PBS NewsHour, and CNN. Recently, his attention has turned to reporting on solutions – with his latest NOVA film Chasing Carbon Zero. Known for his quick wit and skillful interviewing style, O’Brien will moderate the conversation.

    7pm Program begin in GBH’s Theater
    8:15pm Light dessert reception with the panelists

    Event registration is required. Seating is general admission.

    This event is presented with support from Museum of Science.
  • By the fall of 2022, Iran was in a state of turmoil due to widespread protests against government-enforced wearing of the hijab, a failing economy, an ineffective new president, and the looming succession of the country’s leader, Ayatollah Khamenei. Abroad, renewal of the Iran nuclear deal seemed doubtful and tensions remain high between Iran, Israel, and Arab states. Many Iranians have lost hope of a better future, and the country seems at a crossroads. How should the United States deal with it?

    Join WorldBoston for a timely discussion of this topic with Tara Kangarlou, Global Affairs Journalist, Award-Winning Author, Professor at Georgetown University, and Founder of Art of Hope. The program will feature expert remarks from Ms. Kangarlou, live audience Q&A, and time for networking and discussion with other globally-oriented participants.

    This program will take place in-person and will be live-streamed to Zoom. To attend virtually, register here:

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  • Bruce Gertz is a world-renowned jazz bassist, composer, and educator. Gertz is known for his superb mastery of the upright bass and was named “Outstanding Bassist” by Boston Music Awards. Gertz has served as a Professor of Bass at Berklee College of Music since 1976, and his extraordinary contribution to music education has earned him multiple recognition awards from The International Association of Jazz Educators and the Jazz Education Network.

    Come join us for an evening of jazz, wine, and food.

    Registration is encouraged for this free event.

    Limited seating is available on a first come, first serve basis. If you require a seat, we encourage you to arrive before the start time of this event.

    Photo Credit: GBH
  • As many interconnected climate crises escalate, we are challenged to see what we have overlooked in our understanding of the causes - and of what the best path forward might be. John Feldman’s film, Regenerating Life, proposes that it is humankind's destruction of nature that has been a primary cause of the climate crisis and that it is in nature we find crucial solutions. Feldman traveled widely to meet people who are working on solutions, innovative ways to repair the damage done to our extraordinary home. By working with nature, they are restoring the forests, fields, wetlands, and oceans, and are regenerating soils to grow healthy food and build healthy communities.

    John Feldman is joined in conversation by environmental journalist and author Judith D. Schwartz whose books also present leading scientists and regenerative practitioners.

    Biodiversity for a Livable Climate
  • September is Hispanic Heritage Month, a time to celebrate the history, the cultures, and contributions of those who hail from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. Jimmy welcomes influential leaders making significant investments and lasting impact in their community. Join us for the java and the interesting conversation!
  • Join Paul Revere House for the first lecture of the Paul Revere House's 2023 Lowell Lecture Series. This 3-part series From Puritans to Catholics: Religion in Boston’s North End examines how shifts in religious traditions impacted cultural expression, demographics, political affiliations and economic status in the North End.

    The key speaker is Professor David Hall, Bartlett Professor of New England Church History Emeritus at Harvard Divinity School.

    Professor Hall shows how the diaries of people such as Samuel Sewall and Cotton Mather along with the notebooks of John Hull, help us understand how early Boston functioned. These sources illuminate how puritans led their lives and how others disputed or agreed with them as some groups, such as merchants, were more attuned to England than to any local heritage.

    Presented in partnership with GBH, the Suffolk University History Department, Old North Illuminated, and the North End Historical Society, with funding from the Lowell Institute.
    Paul Revere Memorial Association
  • Ready to have a wonderful kind of day?! To celebrate back-to-school, come join Arthur for a dance party and be the first to see a new digital-short- The D.W. Dance Challenge. After the dance party, stay to have a picture with Arthur, coloring, and a chance to see a couple of classic Arthur episodes.

    Registration is encouraged for this free event.

  • DVinci Soul is a 4-8 piece Motown and Soul band that is most known for their soulful harmonies, lively horns, tight rhythm section, and for inspiring people of all ages to get up and dance. Playing in and around the Boston area since 2016, DVinci Soul covers their own blend of danceable Motown, soul, jazz, jump blues and classic R&B tunes from Stevie Wonder, Aretha, Earth Wind and Fire, Tower of Power, and Marvin Gaye to newer bands like Lake Street Dive, Amy Winehouse and the California Honeydrops.

    Join us for an evening of music, wine, and food. Registration is encouraged for this free event.
  • Human trafficking is widely regarded as one of the most urgent moral and political dilemmas in today's global economy. In her talk, Professor Shamir will call for a shift away from the prevailing anti-trafficking strategies focused on criminal law, border control, and minimal human rights safeguards for recognized victims. Instead, she will advocate for an innovative labor-centered approach, aiming to dismantle the labor market structures conducive to grave exploitative practices. The alternative, labor-focused approach stresses the necessity of solutions tailored to the contextual variability of factors contributing to worker vulnerability. Certain existing tools—operating in the international, national, municipal, and workplace arenas—show initial promise in reshaping the power dynamics among actors within sectors predisposed to severe labor market abuses.

    Following her talk, Shamir will be joined by Renée M. Landers, Professor of Law and Faculty Director, Health and Biomedical Law concentration at Suffolk University.

    The event is free and open to the public.
    The talk starts at 12:20 pm
    Ford Hall Forum