Comedian and actor Chris Fleming has a comedy special streaming on Peacock, a YouTube Channel with a cult following and he’s selling out comedy venues — but he’s far from selling out.

As someone who has built a following playing the oddball, his absurdist comedy can’t be corrupted by success — he’ll be the first to tell you that it lives outside of the standards that come with stand-up. Ahead of his show at The Wilbur, the Massachusetts native joined The Culture Show.

Next up, back in January The Culture Show was joined by Amanda Shea, curator of HellaBlack Volume Six. At the time she was conducting an open call for artists to submit their work for the event — now HellaBlack is just around the corner.

HellaBlack is an interdisciplinary performance event curated by and for Black artists, slated for April 8. Shea is back on The Culture Show for a preview.

Shea is the 2022 Boston Music Awards Spoken Word Artist of the Year, a performer and activist. She is also the host of GBH’s “Outspoken Saturdays” a spoken word poetry event for emerging artists, which we host at our studio at the Boston Public Library.

From there, a look into how the arts has been an economic engine. Waterville, Maine, the former mill town turned college town, was struggling. Only a few years ago their downtown was desolate. Today it is abuzz with shops, maker spaces, an arts complex and a museum. The investment, driven largely by Colby College, has turned the town around. David Greene, the president of Colby College, joins us.

All that and more on The Culture Show — listen to the full episode above!