Today on The Culture Show, it's the Friday week-in-review! Co-hosts Jared Bowen, Callie Crossley and Edgar B. Herwick III band together at the Boston Public Library to talk through the biggest headlines in Boston and beyond.

First up, could the State House become more of an art house? Gov. Maura Healey has signed an executive order creating a Cultural Policy Development Advisory Council, responsible for finding ways to cultivate the commonwealth’s arts and culture sector.

Plus, RuPaul is running on all four cylinders with a book bus touring the country, delivering LGBTQ+ books to communities where they’ve been banned. But is he also throwing diversity under the bus? His online bookstore, which is on a mission to represent marginalized voices, is sparking controversy for its inventory, which includes titles such as "Mein Kampf."

Then, before there were wet T-shirt contests, there was the sodden and besotted Mr. Darcy. The famously soaked white linen shirt that Colin Firth wore in the film “Pride and Prejudice” has sold for 25,000 pounds.

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