Father Columba Stewart is a Benedictine monk and scholar who travels to the most volatile parts of the world to rescue and protect ancient documents. As The Culture Show continues a series of conversations with the people on the frontlines of conflict zones saving art, culture and heritage sites from ruin, Father Columba joins the show to talk about his mission.

From there, it’s the battle of the book. The Associates of the Boston Public Library host their annual debate this Wednesday, asking which of the books from 100 years ago are most relevant today. Lisa Fagin Davis, board member and chair of the Hundred-Year Retroactive Book Award Committee, joins The Culture Show for a preview of the books facing off for relevancy supremacy.

Finally, author Stephen McCauley. Brimming with his characteristic wit and withering observations of human behavior — his new book "You Only Call When You're in Trouble" tells the story of family bonds, and why we tend to load up on the louses in our lives. The Culture Show host Jared Bowen sat down with the Cambridge-based bestselling author to learn more.

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