Understanding American History means knowing Black history. And in Boston, that history has been made more visible by way of the African American Trail Project. Today, Tufts University professor and The Culture Show regular contributor Kerri Greenidge joins host Jared Bowen to talk about what went into mapping historic African American sites in Boston and beyond as part of our recurring feature “AI: Actual Intelligence."

From there, it’s into the wild world of artist Raqib Shaw. He uses porcupine quills and enamel to create landscapes that are electrified by color. They are lush, opulent and ornate, but also always beset by a lurking menace. He has said that he takes craft to a “crazy, romantic extreme.” The result is both extraordinary and intoxicating; with an exhibition now on view at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, he joins the show to talk about his work.

Finally, this weekend, Provincetown becomes Performance-town by way of the 24 Hour Play Festival. It’s the ultimate challenge: Can six playwrights, six directors and 21 actors create six new plays in the course of one day? David Drake, artistic director of Provincetown Theater, weighs in.

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