For Nadia Liu Spellman and her mother Sally Ling, food is family.

Ling is behind one of the first fine dining Chinese restaurants in America. Her famed spot, Sally Ling’s, was a fixture in Boston, where celebrities like Julia Child and Yo-Yo Ma would feast. As an investment banker, Ling’s daughter Nadia Liu Spellman came to realize she couldn’t leave the family business — or that it wouldn’t leave her. Ten years ago, she launched Dumpling Daughter, which now has several locations in and around Boston.

Today, they join The Culture Show host and GBH Executive Arts Editor Jared Bowen to talk about how cuisine and culture are intertwined, and how all of us can authentically eat our way to a full Lunar New Year experience.

From there The Culture Show dives into aquaculture, by way of Island Creek Oysters. The Duxbury-based raw bar now offers a free tour of their hatchery that peeks into the caviar packing process; Island Creek Brand Marketing Manager, Michelle Wong, joins Bowen to talk through the tour.

And finally, cocktail guru Jonathan Pogash shakes things up with some Valentine’s Day-inspired concoctions. The Culture Show co-hosts Edgar B. Herwick III and Callie Crossley join to imbibe ahead of GBH's upcoming Valentine's Day Soiree.

It's all on The Culture Show—listen to the full episode above!