In the latest adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, the star crossed lovers get that much closer to the stars—leaping, bounding, backflipping and flying high by way of the Montreal-based world renowned circus group 7 Fingers.

In this spin on Shakespeare, the doomed romantics needn’t cupid's wings to soar above a common bound; instead, they have a trapeze. ArtsEmerson brings the production to Boston this month, and today on The Culture Show, host Jared Bowen is joined by performer Aerial Emery, to talk about about the U.S. premiere, now onstage at The Cutler Majestic theater.

From there, enter the year of the dragon. In order to get a jump start on Lunar New Year this Saturday, Feb. 10, multidisciplinary artist, award-winning photographer and founder of The Art Walk Project Julia Swanson leads the way. In her latest appearance on the show, she'll point out highlights from her Chinatown Art Walk offering a tour of the public art hiding in plain sight.

And, it’s time for AI: Actual intelligence. In this latest edition of a recurring segment featuring local thinkers, Boston Architectural College President Mahesh Daas joins the show to share his thoughts on how robots and artificial intelligence are striding into all walks of life, changing architecture and design along the way.

It's all on The Culture Show — listen to the full episode above!