Today on The Culture Show, it’s our arts and culture week-in-review.

This week we remember the legacy of Chita Rivera who died Jan. 30 at age 91. Rivera shot to stardom through her role in the original Broadway production of "West Side Story." She was a triple threat — dancing, singing and acting in over 20 Broadway productions over her six-decade career.

Also in this week's round-up — it’s pumpkin soup for the protester’s soul. The Mona Lisa is the latest masterpiece to be slimed in the name of environmental activism. Is this an effective tactic or just weak sauce?

Then, it’s a pyramid scheme: an extreme makeover of Egyptian ruins is outraging archaeologists.

From there, with Sundance wrapping up, we look at its sway in the film industry and its funky alternative film fest: Slamdance.

Plus, it’s still rock ’n’ roll to Billy Joel who just released his first single in 17 years.

Finally, Huey Lewis was a pinch hitter, Michael Jackson’s pet snake rattled Lionel Ritchie and Eddie Murphy had better things to do… it’s all in a new documentary about the making of “We Are the World.”

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